Rails upgrade

Recently I have been working on upgrading a legacy app from Rails 1.2.6 to 2.3.11. No doubt it has been a difficult task primarily because

  • It demands good knowledge of how things worked in the old Rails, how they do now
  • lack of enough documentation on Rails 1.2.6 currently available on the web.
  • Usage of gems and plugins which are no longer supported anymore.
  • And life can just become worse if you have custom plugins.

Nonetheless, whatever help I received from the web prompted me to start off with this series. As Matz says Ruby community is a good community, I think its important for us to continue the tradition by giving back to the community in the form of sharing anything that can help people out there.

I will keep posting anything interesting or anything that took me a lot of pain to solve in this series, in short my learnings. 



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