Faking Ubuntu to seem and look like Windows :)

Ubuntu lovers would deem this completely unnecessary. But I had to do it so that my parents could continue working with a fast working (or lets say working!!) OS that doesn’t ask too many questions and yet has the look and feel that they are accustomed to. 

  • So I googled for what the world is doing on these lines and this is what I found –  http://ubuntu.online02.com/xpgnome. Very simple stuff in there. This worked for me perfectly, and haven’t faced any trouble yet. It also comes with a restore settings option, just in case.
  • Next I needed to deal with a weird problem that Ubuntu 9.10 has. To use DSL connections for the Internet, it is necessary to run the pppoeconf command. And every time you start the machine, you must use sudo pon dsl-provider. This seems fine for people used to command line utilities but for my parents its just some weird stuff that they want to have abstraction from. So again, created a launcher which has the icon like the network connection one in windows. And in the launcher simply wrote some shell script commands to get the job done.

echo password
sudo -S pon dsl-provider (-S being there to make use of the password just echoed out) 
And for notification purposes, to let you know that the connection is actually done, I used gxmessage utility.

  • Installed wine to get hold of some typical Windows software that my parents are used to like Notepad.

Did some more similar stuff and the machine was ready for use. Minimal effort, minimal learning curve for parents and the job is done! 


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